Nobody is careless of the environment where we live and where our children will live. We can show the responsibility for the environment by the selection of right products and by the way we handle them after the end of theirs life cycle.


We offer for our partners:

  • Collecting and buy-out of empty cartridges
  • Sorting of single components
  • Environmentally friendly liquidation of used cartridges


While for the printers and other electronical devices is already common the returning them to collecting spots, for the print cartridges it is not so ordinary yet. We offer the buy-out or collecting of empty cartridges for the companies which are using original printer supplies.


The next opportunity how to significantly act eco-friendly is using of recycled printer consumables. All cartridges are recyclable - in the renovation process are changed only the parts which cannot guarantee 100 % print quality. Every cartridge can be used several times what decreased the needs of finance and material sources.

Providing of empty printer cartridges as well as buying alternative consumables SAFEPRINT is significant step for environment